7 Myths about the Best Angel Tax Credit in America — THE MN ANGEL TAX CREDIT

11/29/16 –$1.4MM + remain for the #MN Angel Tax Credit. You don’t need to be from Minnesota to qualify — http://bit.ly/2fHQ3bm #tech #vc

MN Angel Tax Credit 101:

Myth #1: The Minnesota Angel Tax Credit is just for state residents — False, Its actually for everyone.

It’s for anyone from anywhere — worldwide. Seriously.

Myth #2: It’s only for “accredited investors”.

There are 3 ways to invest via the MN Angel Tax Credit as a non-accredited investor today. Check them out below.

P.S. You can complete this quick checklist to see if you can become qualified as an Angel Investor in the MN Angel Tax Credit: http://mn.gov/deed/assets/atc-investor-certification-checklist-2016_tcm1045-131765.pdf

Myth #3: It’s out of Money for 2016.

Myth #4: High minimum investment amounts

Myth #5: There are no great startups in Minnesota

What? Have you heard of The Minnesota Cup?

@MinnesotaCup Division Winners are in the top 1% of Startups

Where else can I discover great Minnesota Startups?

Top 10 MN Angel Tax Credit Qualified Startups

You can see the complete list of Minnesota Angel Tax Credit qualified startups and contact details for 2016 here

Myth #6: There must be a ton of paperwork.

Myth #7: MN Angel Tax Credit is only for individuals.

Conclusion — Let’s Get Started.

Founder at @VUGO. The Best Rideshare Advertising Company.

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James Bellefeuille

James Bellefeuille

Founder at @VUGO. The Best Rideshare Advertising Company.

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