Why I Backed a 24-Year-Old Trying to Assess Human Potential
Mark Suster

Congrats on the funding Rebecca! I often ask myself if VCs are doing their duty to improve the world thru funding true innovation, what you’re doing is a whole new type of “Frontier Tech” but possibly the most important frontier, we know how we prioritize and measure education is insufficient and yet there are few people truly trying to fix the problem, and many edutech companies are instead selling ideas or software to the massive capital holes we call universities.

Don’t get me wrong, I have mixed feelings on everyone pursueing traditional 4-year college education, I feel like it is both totally broken, but also necessary for many to improve their lives and the lives of society around them.

I don’t know the details of Imbellus’ 10-year mission, but I hope that you succeed as I am having a daughter soon and I want her to benefit from the innovation that can occur when truly bold entrepreneurs meet equally audacious investors to solve big, hairy and complex problems.

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