Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger
Mark Suster

Mark Suster, A Powerful VC Tells you why you should be angry and who to vote for this election.

Mark — Don’t mind the sensational title and thank you for taking the time to write this. I am a 30-something tech founder and until recently a strong Bernie supporter, actually I am still a strong Bernie supporter and I will explain why I have the greatest respect for him, and why I am voting for Hillary despite that support.

I don’t believe the democratic nomination was a fair process this election year, I don’t think that it accurately reflects the wants of the American people. I imagine I am not the first to suggest that the election process is broken. Most Importantly I know that none of that matters…. Because I am a U.S. Citizen who upholds the values of Western democracy and American Liberty and I want to see the experiment we call “America” continue. That is why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

Which is ironic, but I don’t have another choice because the alternative is almost certainly bad for the economy at best and possible the nuclear end of The United States of America at worst.

What would truly make America great again, is uniting against a racist billionaire rentier, snake oil salesman by demonstrating the unity of American Values, despite creed, color, religion or gender.

We cannot give Donald Trump the opportunity to bring Civil rights back 226 years! The 1st Amendement of our nation’s constitution protects a persons freedom of religion. Let alone the very real and physical lethal threat of creating a power vacuum within our armed forces or causing a conflict that could become nuclear make, choosing Hillary Clinton an easy decision to make as a reasonable, educated, business owner and centrist.

That is why I am voting for Hillary.

Not because I want to… but because I think she was the best of the two candidates in 2016, Bernie Sanders should have gained the nomination, and is the best overall candidate. (Even more so for realizing that what’s best for the country is more important than winning the presidency for himself.)

I am voting for Hillary because I simply want to see 2018, and she is the only candidate who is going to at minimum maintain the status quo allowing businesses to thrive and ALL Americans to feel safe from the legitimization of racism, religious persecution and misogyny.

A vote for Trump is akin to asking America to devolve and dive back into primordial political ooze.

The Civil Rights we have today are the result of decades of sacrifice and progress, and electing someone who stands and advocates for actions that harm the rights of other Americans is intolerable.

I agree that there could be better candidates to choose from and perhaps this election will be the last one where we are forced to choose between two lesser of evils. But that isn’t our reality, we are dealing with a populist political candidate that is so cunning with his “dog-whistle” like targeted oration that he gives Hitler a run for his money that genuinely good people think he might be beneficial to their interests, despite his own statements otherwise.

Under no circumstances can we as Americans believe that the pursuit of freedom, life, liberty and happiness will be furthered for ALL Americans by a vote for an ignorant, racist, misogynist who wants to limit American’s constitutional 1st Amendment rights, the law and order our nation was built on.

Speak up. Speak loudly. And make sure that you have conversations about these challenges with your family who may not be seeing the whole picture when it comes to the American Dream being a right for all Americans to freely pursue.

Thank you.

-James Bellefeuille