Nas’ Forthcoming Album will Solidify him as the Greatest Rapper of All Time

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An air of excitement was tweeted across social media on July 28, 2016 when the release of a song by DJ Khaled featuring Nas entitled, “Nas Album Done” went viral on the Internet.

As a guest artist on Khaled’s latest album, “Major Key” released in July 29, Nas ingeniously marketed himself on the name of the song explaining the current status on his music — apparently unveiling that a new album is completed and on the way.

“Nas Album Done” is also the current single to be released from Khaled’s album. With a music video almost completed and awaiting unveiling, the notoriety and buzz will be a boon to the prelude of Nas’ soon-to-be 12th album released. This move cleverly attracts Khaled fans to digest Nas’ rhyme style and lyrical ability.

For an artist that has footprinted his career for over two decades making music and still performing till this very day, it is hardly comparable for any hip-hop artist then and now to equate what Nas has accomplished. Read more here.

“No Introduction” by Nas from the “Life is Good” album

His last album, “Life is Good” released in July of 2012. The album received rave reviews from critics as well as fans who dubbed the album as another catalog classic and a comeback of Nas’ poetical mastery — best reminded from his debut album, “Illmatic,” enlightening not just the fans of old but to also the young listeners.

After four years hiatus working on his own record label, Mass Appeal Records as well as building his own business capital firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners, Nas has metamorphosed away from his own music to undertake on other means of financial gain.

During his entire career, hip-hop fans and haters have been overly critical of Nas’ music. With the major success of his debut “Illmatic” LP, which some revered as the greatest hip-hop album of all time, the expectation for Nas’ albums have been used as a comparison-contrast example. Is “Illmatic” better than “It Was Written?” Is “Stillmatic” the best album made? Where does “Life is Good” compare to the other three albums? Does the “Lost Tapes” EP qualify as an album?

Nas fans are likely to make that criticism, but in a respectable fashion regarding where it stands with other Nas albums as classics.

But for 2016, there hasn’t been any major buzz or standout rapper taking the reign as hip-hop king. Eminem and Jay-Z are either scarce or unseen in the limelight. Biggie and Tupac are honorably remembered but have no more music to present now.

And alone is Nas, still making his music.

Define him as vintage. Or if a better word describes him, timeless. Or in the words of DJ Khaled, iconic.

The forthcoming Nas album has made hip-hop fans anxiously awaiting. Old school lovers are relishing their own generation’s artist to return, proudly proclaiming their hero as the example-setter and king of the genre. A growing number of young rap fans are in tune and familiar with Nas’ accomplishments and current collaborations with many of today’s artists.

This is Nas’ final album with Def Jam.

When the album releases, it won’t matter how good or how decent it is. Nas has already made history. As I stated in my previous article, Nas is today’s Ironman of hip-hop.

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When the album releases, Nas will officially and undoubtedly be the greatest hip-hop lyricist, rapper, artist of all time.

Serving for 26 years in hip-hop, no one comes close.

His rhyme style exhibits emotional narratives, vivid imagery, poetical wordplay making his lyrics unforgettable. The storytelling draws the listener in to the entirety of the song and his lyrical delivery is a pleasantry as it syncopates to the rhythm. Tupac was the people’s rapper, but Nas is the people’s rapper now.

At 43 years of age, Nas is still youthful in appearance, a master in his musical craft as a performer and an executive. And also a mindful, studious businessman.

But we all best know him as an artist who holds hip-hop as his main niche, his life.

And with another album to come, no one is greater or more successful than him.

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