Forget podcasts. Who the hell listens to XM Radio really? And what in the name of tarnation is that thing in the middle of car dashboards?
The Anchor App Opportunity for Content Creators
Kirk j Barbera

I do wonder why the American way is to denigrate other products instead of about about your own.

For the record: podcasting is growing; SiriusXM is in profit and has been for many years; and “that thing in the middle of the dashboard” is listened-to by 93% of all Americans, or thereabouts — young, or old.

I’m sure Anchor is a good product. But if the first thing I read is “WHAT YOU USE RIGHT NOW IS SHIT” then it hardly endears me to a new thing. So why do it?

There’s incredible power in social audio. If this product is anywhere near as good as AudioBoo, a social audio product in 2008/9 that had real promise, then I wish it well.

But to be truly social, you don’t tell 93% of your neighbours that their current choices are dumb.