The Great Laptop Stagnation
M.G. Siegler

I have the same machine, and it’s a big “meh” from my side, too. For similar reasons, perhaps.

In my case, I have an Asus Chromebook Flip rather than an iPad. It is built quite well, has a decent keyboard, a full browser, Android apps. The battery lasts well over a working day (more than eight hours); it’s the same dimensions as a thick iPad. For almost everything I do (develop, write, email) it does an astonishing job.

The MacBook Pro is there for two jobs: to edit and record audio for a podcast, and to run Keynote for presentations (I’m rather a power user of that, and Google Slides doesn’t cut it). Those jobs — both of which I could achieve on the Chromebook but not at the same quality — are literally the only reason that I have a MacBook Pro.

And, like you, I suspect it’s the last one I ever buy.