Two problems: (1) You don’t take one hit by taking it down… the fact that it was taken down is…
David Johnson

You appear to be arguing for the sake of arguing, David.

“By ProfJeffJarvis, a well-known satirist” is not clearly marking it as satire and distinct from Professor Jeff Jarvis, the real one. It’s arguing that Professor Jeff Jarvis, the real one, is a well-known satirist. Unless you are really clued-up that @profjeffjarvis isn’t @jeffjarvis , that is. And I followed the satirist for a little bit before realising that a) he wasn’t the real Jeff Jarvis, and b) he was rather mean-spirited and not very funny.

Now, yes, sure, taking this down risks PR. But in this case, surely Jeff pointing out that he isn’t profjeffjarvis and protecting his personal brand is a good thing in the long run. This isn’t a Streisand, nor a threesome-injunction; Jeff’s not wanting to hide this removal. Indeed, he’s written a blog post about it.