Never Listen To The People Who Want To Limit You.
J. Westenberg 🌈

I agree with focusing on connecting with people, ideas and environments that support your vision. After all, it’s your life and if you’re not hurting anyone else, you should be fulfilled. The one piece I strongly disagree with and offer up as advice to you, Jon, is to free yourself of the burning desire to succeed to rub it in someone else’s face who doubted you or wronged you. Using revenge as a driver of your success will eventually eat you up. Stay true to your passion because its something that truly fulfills your life’s desires. Think about every villain in comic books, they become criminal masterminds because of some horrific thing that happened to them and they turn twisted in their world view. Regardless of being well funded from their enterprise, (they always have tons of resources to blow up buildings or other extravagant disasters and have a loyal crew of well paid mercenaries) their life is filled with a void of lonely existence and never ending rage to show the world their superiority. These individuals show up in real life as the “scorched earth” personalities. I’ve witnessed it myself in business. I was fortunate enough to receive this advice I’m sharing here very early on. I understand the fire in your belly to create something really big, disruptive and significant. Let the driving force of your burning desire be the contribution it will bring to the world and watch people line up to support you! Let go of the other stuff. If you really think about it, those people that tell you “can’t be done” or “you’re not good enough” or whatever have to live with themselves and their world view all day long. They need your success AND your acceptance to evolve.