The End of Days Off — A Manifesto

It’s Sunday and I noticed I missed a call. Shortly afterward I received a text with a valuable update but also an apology for dialing me on a Sunday. I think its high time we fully dispose of the notion of taboo surrounding communication. If you truly don’t want to be disturbed, you simply not pick up, silence your phone or stow it away until you’re available to interact again. This notion of monday — friday, 9–5, off on holidays is arcane and just plain nonsense.

Investment bankers work on 24 hour clocks in order to be available for global business. Its time that everyone get on board with the schedule and the pace of nature itself. Your heart beats endlessly until it doesn’t and you die. The sun rises every morning as the earth turns until it doesn’t and all life on the planet is wiped out. Zen masters coach us to model the mind of God. Well, God or whatever force you ascribe to running the show here is always on, 24/7, holidays, sacred days, through celebrations and dark times, through every moment of existence. By adopting a universal schedule without hard boundaries for everyone, we allow individuals to create their own schedule and take time as they need it instead of the federal government shutting down banks to “celebrate” or “honor” their arbitrary dates.

Show me one bank or government that stops collecting interest on federal or religious holidays and I’ll move every penny I have or will ever earn there forever.

Look around at how many things that directly affect your life are running 24/7 and we expect them too — like electricity, internet, credit cards, even the traffic lights!

It’s time to operate in the same way. No more closed on Saturday and Sunday, No more only open from 9 to 5. Its funny how when you discover higher net worth individuals doing higher value business, they’ve already adopted this and have done so for years. There’s a reason — They like being productive and will not tolerate waiting until Tuesday, after the weekend and the holiday!

If you want to be a disruptive hot new startup, try adopting some truly disruptive business hours like ALWAYS ON! Let people around you know that they can reach you anytime. If you’re not available, then you’ll get back at first opportunity. Of course, balance your life and your body to include rest and personal quiet time, but design your life and business to be always on. Your customers and personal relationships will love you for it and the world will be far less congested with traffic at 9am and 6pm, the hotels and vacation spots less jammed on “holidays” and velocity of funds will be increased, streamlining and improving the economy.