Fuck You Startup World
Shem Magnezi

This rant reminds me of the scene in Jerry Maguire where Jay Mohr’s character congrats Cruise in the office for his “memo”, “Someone finally said it!”, of course moments before he loses his job! Regardless, so much of the culture you rant about is in our face hard today. The driving force behind it is the internet pervasively giving an equal voice of relevancy to any errant comment.

In real life when some obvious neophyte comments about his “startup success hack” or goes about spouting buzz terms, we would simply filter the comments down to some random person’s disqualified opinion and move on. But today the internet frames these errant comments into perfectly formatted published articles and gives them credibility by their framing, so they now carry more authority in the minds of the readers.

I am and have been an entrepreneur since before it was cool, since the time when people were twisting their heads like confused dogs when you couldn’t tell them where you worked, that you worked from home.

You want to talk about “lean startups”? Here’s how I’ve done lean startup: Start your business with a check from a customer! Then you know you’re on to something.

And the thing with beers and bars at work — couldn’t agree more. Show me one singular success mentor on the planet that included drinking beer as their philosophy? Oh yeah, its that last chapter in Think and Grow Rich, “The Power of Beer”

Now my friend you have the opportunity to channel all that fire in your belly and direct it towards something creative and positive .You’ve already risen above the non-sense and the noise. Quietly deliver the goods and all the startup trolls will be drinking your kool aid of startup success!

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