Why Most People Will Never Be Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

Tony Robbins once quantified the concepts of time management into a chart of concentric circles, where the non-urgent, most important activities were the center ring and the very urgent, unimportant things were on the ring. The chart is a metaphor for long term planning. As referenced in the article speaker Jim Rohn advises, “Small positive actions, repeated daily will bring success”.

One’s career, relationships or physical body doesn’t fail in the course of a day, but over years of neglect. In my own life I’ve found that in making the transition towards personal growth and while remaining free of judgement, I’ve adopted the strategy of looking at any experience for what it is, rather than labeling it as “low value” or some other derogatory. Labels are a judgement. How you spend your time, the food you eat, and your financial condition is all the result of choice. Success is a personal metric.

So in mapping your success, get clear on what success is for you and only you. Then own it completely. Live by your code. Make choices in that space. Its not about a billion dollars, unless that’s your goal!