The Stunning and Expected End of Gawker

Your last summary item: “We want all journalists to subscribe to basic ethical concepts(i.e. fact checking, getting comments from subjects before publishing, getting multiple sources before publishing).” is a foundational tenet of what “news” is supposed to be. It’s what freedom of the press is couched in. The world now has a “digital stockade”, where individuals can be globally humiliated by internet blogs and social platforms without recourse. Couple this with Google’s power to push erroneous content onto the first page of a user’s search results, gives unwarranted and sometimes permanent significance to what would normally be an ephemeral side comment. Sites like Gawker and others that solely exist to spread hyperbole, misinformation, slander and defamation should 100% be subject to the same laws that print media or any person would be. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

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