RCA Programmable Compact Disk Player

While getting a haircut I found a RCA Programmable Compact Disk Player just sitting broken next to my car. So I did what anyone would do, I took it home to disassemble.

The front of the player.
The back

Luckily, the screws were easily removable.

The inside is everything to be expected.

· The lid switch can be seen at the 1' o clock above the battery.

· The headphone jack, and the power at the 5' o clock.

· The volume control is at the bottom 6' o clock.

· The thicker wires in the middle supply power to the laser and motors.

· The hold button is at the 9' o clock.

· Data for the laser is at the 10.

Everything all laid out.

Everything all laid out.

The front console.

A close up. The interesting part is the missing component at 7.

The back.

Power Controller
Amplifier for CD player Controls the servo and the main signal system with low power consumption.

The most interesting part is this missing piece. Im not sure what is supposed to go in here. Maybe it’s a placeholder from an older model… or a new model.