On the Inclusionism podcast this week we’ve added a conversation about the structure of both Data Union and Data Dividends from the people making them a reality. I think this is the future of collective bargaining and economic inclusion. Actually, this is the present.

[Tech] Shiv Malik: Head of Growth at Streamr Network

[Policy] Matt Prewitt, President RadicalxChange

[Litigation] Enoch Liang: CEO, Data Dividend Project

To get paid ASAP, join the Data Dividend Project HERE.

To design a Data Union with Streamr’s software go HERE or contact Shiv.

To read the Data Freedom Act from RadxChange go HERE.

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Take a listen to this special episode of my radio show on WHCR 90.3FM based on excerpts from Personal Data Day with the creators of the Toolkit for Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration. We can’t stress enough that you all should read this tool-kit if you are planning data collection at the municipal level. This is a conversation about integrating activists that are working to modify the governmental use of tech & data with government plans to become a more digitally identifiable society.


Inclusionism Podcast

This Sunday, I want to share with you a podcast episode of excerpts from a Personal Data Day Summit 2020 panel of authors in our forthcoming book Ethics of Personal Data Collection in International Relations: Inclusionism in The Time of COVID-19 on Anthem Press. This episode is moderated by series co-editor Colette Mazzucelli of New York University and introducing our book co-editor University of Georgia Prof Emeritus C. Ann Hollifield. We’re going to address the following.

-Christian Rossi, Colette Mazzucelli, and David Unger, Rome versus the Regions: Government in Italy during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

-Jasmine Lee, Taiwan’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Constructivist Analysis of Identity Differentiation with the People’s Republic of…


James Felton Keith

Philosopher of #Inclusionism | Let’s become the society #WeOweUs. www.JamesFeltonKeith.com

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