Trump, Putin and the mob. Research collection. Part 1: Trump campaign connections.

Jay McKenzie
Aug 21, 2017 · 5 min read

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Roger Stone’s mentor was Arthur Finkelstein. (Additional source. Also, “Arthur’s Boys” work on Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign.)

Lee Atwater’s mentor was also Arthur Finkelstein. (Here are some of their “dirty tricks” on a campaign together in 1978.)

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Arthur Finkelstein was an openly gay, (non-practicing) ethnically Jewish man who frequently worked with anti-gay and anti-Semitic candidates. His recent death cannot change the man he was, or the effect he had on political discourse in the US and around the world. In fact, it was Finkelstein and Atwater’s longtime client, Strom Thurmond, who lobbied to abolish the “Fairness Doctrine”. Thurmond did ultimately succeed in his efforts, and this paved the way for much of the current media landscape. If the Fairness Doctrine remained in place today, would we have the current iteration of Fox News, Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh? At least in their current form and presentation style, no, they likely would not exist.

Arthur Finkelstein had a much bigger role on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign than has been previously reported by almost anyone. (The sole exception I’m aware of is Dr. András Göllner’s ‘Creatures in the Budapest hills’ articles. Part one, part two, part three.)

Let’s start to piece some of this together:

Black Manafort Stone Atwater was a prominent consulting firm which worked to rebrand dictators and terrorists.

Paul Manafort was brought onto the Trump campaign by Roger Stone.

Donald Trump Jr. received his first email from Rob Goldstone about the infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 3, 2016.

That meeting occurred on June 9, 2016, but what happened in between June 3–9? Well, Donald Trump Jr. and Rob Goldstone exchanged emails, and likely had at least one phone conversation. Also, on June 5, 2016, Alex Castellanos begins work on a new super PAC supporting Trump, Rebuilding America Now, which spends roughly $22 million on Trump’s campaign.

Along with Lee Atwater and Arthur Finkelstein, Rebuilding America Now’s Alex Castellanos also worked for Senators Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond. In fact, Alex Castellanos in discussing attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2014, says, “I served my apprenticeship in politics working for mad-genius GOP pollster and strategist Arthur Finkelstein.”

Additionally, over $20 million of the super PAC’s expenditures went to Dwight J. Sterling. Dwight Sterling is a partner and President of Multi Media Services. According to Sterling’s bio, seen below, he worked with Arthur J. Finkelstein & Associates.

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The Rebuilding America Now super PAC was founded by Donald Trump and Paul Manafort’s mutual friend, Tom Barrack. The key hires for this super PAC also include Ken McKay and Laurance Gay.

According to Ballotpedia, “Ken McKay was hired by convention manager Paul Manafort as a senior advisor to Trump’s campaign in April 2016 but left the campaign in early June 2016 to join the pro-Trump super PAC Rebuilding America Now.”

Ken McKay served as Rick Scott’s chief strategist during his 2010 run for governor. He was (briefly) the chief of staff to former RNC chair Michael Steele. He began work during the 2016 election cycle for Chris Christie’s presidential campaign.

Chris Christie was of course in the running for Trump’s VP spot at one point, but the nomination went to Mike Pence, who publicly endorsed (albeit on tape) Rebuilding America Now.

Longtime Paul Manafort associate Laurance Gay worked on the Rebuilding America Now super PAC.

“The advantage that we bring, without compromising any of the boundaries, is we know how Manafort thinks. I’ve done over 40 campaigns with Paul,” Gay said.

Additionally, Jim Murphy was brought onto Trump’s campaign on June 5, 2016. “Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman who also hired Mr. Wiley, helped bring Mr. Murphy on board.”

When Trump’s “boyhood friend” Ron Lauder ran for NYC mayor in 1989, his campaign manager was the same Jim Murphy. The chief strategists for Lauder’s campaign were Roger Ailes and Arthur Finkelstein.

In the late 1990s, when Finkelstein was working for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Finkelstein was responsible for Bibi’s win in 1996), Arthur often flew from New York to Israel with Ron Lauder on Lauder’s private jet.

Ron Lauder also visited Vladimir Putin in Moscow in April of 2016. (Additional source.)

Ron Lauder is currently implicated in Netanyahu’s ongoing corruption scandal.

The same corruption scandal linked to Beny Steinmetz and Jared Kushner.

Jared’s dad, Charles Kushner, is longtime friends with Bibi Netanyahu as well.


I’m going to work to keep expanding on all of this, but I wanted to create a resource that’s easier to get to. For now, here are some threads which help explain the significance of what I’ve laid out so far.

They are long, sometimes overly convoluted. Apologies for that. It all remains a work in progress.

*Arthur Finkelstein threads related to GOP connections, his work in Hungary and links to Putin (through Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is Putin’s puppet with the EU and NATO):






*‘Finkelstein’s Hungarian links point to both Putin & the Trump campaign’ Twitter Moment here.

*Paul Manafort, Reince Priebus ‘Big Data’ link. Thread here.

*‘Why did the Trump campaign talk to Putin’s man in Ukraine in 2016?’ (Some Manafort related info here, plus more). Twitter moment here.

*Jared Kushner is traveling to Israel to try and save Bibi Netanyahu. Don’t fall for Trump’s lies. Full thread.

*I could not possibly dislike @tedcruz more, but it looks to me like @VP @mike_pence helped sink his campaign. Thread.

*Paul Manafort. War in Ukraine. Russian spies. Cyber warfare. Micro targeting. US sanctions on Russia. Keystone XL. Rosneft. Mega Thread.

*Paul Manafort. Tom Barrack. Jared. Trump Tower. Ukraine. A Russian spy. Money laundering. Mike Flynn. Sanctions. Etc. Thread.

*‘Alleged Russian hacker sent Democratic documents to a Florida GOP operative’

The Florida GOP operative is Aaron Nevins.

Aaron Nevins’s dad is Buddy Nevins.

Buddy Nevins knows Roger Stone. He even wrote an article about Roger in 2008.

Buddy Nevins admitted in another article that he has known Connie Mack IV since at least 2000.

Arthur Finkelstein first worked for Connie Mack III. Finkelstein began work for Connie Mack IV in 2004, and the two worked together in Hungary until Arthur’s death in 2017.

Here’s my thread on Aaron Nevins’s work for the Florida GOP.

Stay tuned for much more.

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