Dear Jesus

So this morning I was talking to my mom, and she was telling me about her plans to hang out with her friend and that they were going to hang out and eat in Ann Arbor for the first day of 2018. While she was talking she said … “ Maybe I should work on my letter if I get bored. She then told me about how for the last 10 years she’s written a litter to Jesus every January 1st to tell Him what she wants out of this year and what she’s grateful for from the year that past. So it really inspired me and I think I want to do the same. If you want to join me in this please share them in the comments. I now present to you my Jesus letter.

Dear Jesus .

Thank you for receiving this letter and taking time out to read it. I really appreciate you making time for someone like me. I fully understand , and recognize that it’s by your grace and mercy that I’m even able to be in relationship with you and for that I am very thankful. Jesus I am so grateful for how you have kept me throughout 2017. Thank you allowing me to sign to Illect Recording and see my music reach more people than it ever had years before. I also want to thank you for allowing me to go back to Camp and meet so many beautiful people and continue to share my love of music with the future generations. Jesus I thank you for keeping me healthy and allowing me to be able to work, walk, run, and live with out any limitations. I’m so grateful to see the growth I’ve had throughout this year. Thank you for all the lessons , even the hard ones. Thank you for teaching me that I need to focus on being disciplined and to schedule my life out . I thank you for teaching me that my flaws don’t have to be attached to my identity, and that with you I can overcome areas I am weak in. Jesus I thank you for my friends who have prayed and rooted for me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Jesus I thank you so much for my family and that all of them came into 2018 above the ground. A lot of my friends lost loved ones and I am grateful that you kept my Mother , Father , and sister. Jesus most of all I thank you for saving me and not giving up on me. I know you still have a purpose, calling, and assignment for my life and It hank you for not giving up on me when I’m weak or disobedient. Now Jesus I have some goals and things I want to accomplish but even with these I only want these things if they are aligned with our will. Lord I pray that this year I’m able to support myself and my family with my art . I pray that I’m able to tour the US , and Europe sharing a message that uplifts you and encourages people to live as the best versions of themselves. I pray that I’m able to travel for leisure with my family and friends and we’re able to meet new friends in the places we see. I pray that my calling and purpose become clearer and more evident in my everyday life. I pray for more love and a romantic relationship that grows both of us spiritually, mentally and financially. I pray I’m able to strengthen and grow friendships that are healthy. and in all this I pray that your will exceeds my wants and needs. Jesus I thank you in advance and I bask in the fictory that you gave me on the cross. In the name of the Father , The Son , and The holy Ghost. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

Sincerely Your son and humble servant James Gardin