Positive thoughts are powerful

*Disclaimer there is some explicit language in this piece*

One of the most inspirational rappers I know is my brother Noa James . He has a song that he performs that has a lyric in it, that has become somewhat of my mantra for me at times . The song I’m referring to has a line in it that says “Keep that Shitty energy to yourself”. I feel like more than ever we need to protect the energy around us because being negative is pretty much the status quo. I want to explore some ways we can combat this and the benefits from these actions.

I’m currently taking a break from FB and Twitter. I hear people complain about their news feed always being negative ,and I think … Why don’t you just unfriend/unfollow these negative culprits . I think the issue is most people’s timelines would be empty. I say let’s start a movement of bombarding our timelines with positivity and shift the status qou . I think if we start posting more positive things people will share it because it’s different and hopfully join usin the movement.

So earlier I mentioned I’m taking a break from certain social media platforms. I think sometimes you have to unplug and reset. When your mind and attention is being consistently fought for you lose time to reflect and actually digest all that is entering your sphere and happening to us. It’s so easy to distract ourselves from stress and life and use it as a form of coping , but it never really deals with the issues at hand. I think we all need to find time to rest and unplug as much as possible.

Now this isn’t only online but I think we have to stop entertaining gossip. I think we find entertainment at times from talking about other people but it’s actually a very toxic activity. If people want to talk negatively about people who aren't there. Try telling them that you don’t talk about people who can’t defend themselves. Tearing people down has never actually made someone else stronger

I know this is much more of me rambling but I’m trying to figure out ways to be more positive empowering and encouraging in my life because negativity is so repulsive to me and if we all realized what we were partaking in it would really be evident how disgusting this thing really is .