Paris on the Shores of Brooklyn

Christian Dior Resort 2015

The French have always had an unusual love for American culture. Because both share a sense of ease and cool to their style, it’s hard to work out where this 21st century look originated from. Since Chanel’s location shift to Texas last pre-season, there has been an amused interest as to why the change. After Raf Simons’s latest resort collection for Dior, which flew clientele from all-0ver the country, that shift became a lot clearer in its intentions.

Photo taken from the king of couture Tumblr

The show itself was treated with an extended experience, with guests taken abroad by a ‘Dior’ ferry that transported them to the LED lit venue at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This location has already played host to another designer a couple of months ago — Alexander Wang. The venue for him seems more practical & natural with his brand and sportswear influence designs, Simons on the other hand… Why?

The designer used the simplicity of a silk scarf as his motif to build on a collection that fitted perfectly to the designers streamline approach. Print and geometry were acknowledged but always treated with respect, simply adding to each look rather than it been an overarching approah. That cross-cultural look mentioned before was also adapted, bound to be appetising to the guest clientele in attendance. Two years into his tenure at the house, Simons has grown the Dior brand to fit perfectly for its modern environment. His designs constantly seem to evolve. Though the codes are clearly defined, I’m still left with the thought of what’s next?

Recently I watched a documentary — ‘The Secret World of Haute Couture’, which detailed the private relationship between houses and its clientele. Many of the women that are interviewed are based in the US. In many ways the American consumer is nothing new for houses like Chanel & Dior, so why the focus now? At this stage it may be too early to determine whether this focus is a trend or direction for the future. As a fan of change I like to think of this as the brand’s next natural steps.