MacArthur’s Navy Jane Moorhead

“Mission X” Jane Moorhead (S-63), Darwin 1942
Farm Cove Naval Base, Sydney, 1885
Richmond N.S. Brewing Co. 1926
General Douglas MacArthur Melbourne 1942
President Franklin Roosevelt aboard Amberjack II, Campobello Island, ME. 1933
“Mission X”. Lt. Bruce Fahnestock, Captain John (Sher)Fahnestock Washington D.C. 1942
Japanese fighters bomb Darwin, 19th February 1942
Gen Douglas MacArthur and Lt Gen Sir Leslie Morshead, New Guinea 1942
“Mission X” flotilla leaving Pier 10, Walsh Bay, Sydney 1942
“Mission X” crew aboard Jane Moorhead, Wanigela 1943
Casualties at Buna-Gona, 1943
Japanese Zero fighters attack, New Guinea 1943

Australian entrepreneur, writer and film producer

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James Grant Hay

James Grant Hay

Australian entrepreneur, writer and film producer

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