What Is SpaceX Internet?
Sean M Everett

“Nay, what we really need is a series of waystations in between Earth, the Moon, and Mars, that relays high speed internet across space and then have more satellites orbiting Mars that will pump the same signal down to the red planet.

This way, communicating with Mars doesn’t take 20 minutes round trip (40 minutes total). That’s a long time for a text message.”

Oh dear. This shows a complete lack of knowledge. What you are suggesting means the transmission would break the speed of light, which is impossible. It takes 20 minutes because that’s how long the signal takes, AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, to get from Earth to Mars. Putting in waystations doesn’t push the signal faster, they are already at max speed. In fact, waystations (if you can find the right orbit round the sun) will just introduce delays.