Moving to Cloud Paves the Way to SAP HANA

Thinking about moving to SAP HANA? SAP HANA transforms big data transactions, analytics, processing, and text analysis by combining database and application platform capabilities in-memory — in real time. It is a game-changer, and it is deployable either on premises or in the cloud.

Many businesses have already experienced the benefits of moving other technologies to the cloud, making the cloud-based SAP HANA option particularly attractive. As you’re preparing for SAP HANA, it makes sense to plan your move to the cloud. Why? Here are just a few of the many reasons moving to the cloud can pave the way to SAP HANA:

. Organizations can save a bundle by moving to the cloud — Big data requires more processing power, more storage, more hardware, and greater resiliency, all of which can be delivered over the cloud at a significant cost savings.

. Cloud-based services move you away from capital expenses and into operational expenses. Instead of paying for hardware and software upfront, cloud-based services are rented to you. It’s comparable to paying $1 million for office space or renting the office for $3,000 per month. This also frees up your capital for other purposes as well as helps you to avoid having to obtain financing.

. There’s much less to manage with cloud-based solutions — All of that new processing power, storage, and hardware need to be managed. With cloud-based solutions, management, maintenance, and ongoing support are built into the service. Cloud providers with SAP experience can provide the infrastructure and capabilities you need as a service. This can free up internal resources for other projects.

. Cloud-based solutions are highly scalable — As your technology or bandwidth needs change, your cloud-based solutions can easily scale up or down to match. In short, you can easily manage capacity without overpaying for it or running out of it.

Paving the way to SAP HANA by moving to the cloud is a smart move, but it’s not the only one. Dolphin Corporation offers strategies that can help businesses transition to SAP HANA including:

. Augmenting data archiving capabilities with nearline storage

. Re-architecting the business warehouse data model for lean, flexible, organized views of information.

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