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James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has attracted dozens of five-star reviews on platforms including Avvo, Google, and RateABiz. With glowing new reviews now posted by clients weekly, Hardy’s latest testimonials have seen the attorney praised for his knowledge, diligence, professionalism, efficiency, efficacy, and more.

“Beyond thankful for Mr. Hardy,” says a five-star review from recent client Nina, posted this week. “I greatly appreciate Mr. Hardy for his hard work while handling my case,” she adds.

“He is very knowledgeable, diligent, and always professional,” Nina goes on in her Avvo review. “Thanks to him, my charges were dropped; he knows the law, and I definitely recommend him for legal representation and advice,” concludes the latest of James Hardy Attorney Connecticut ‘s five-star reviews. …

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James Hardy Attorney CT

STAMFORD, CT, USA, July 6, 2020 / — James Hardy Attorney CT is a well-respected attorney with years of experience. And since the coronavirus pandemic started, he has watched developments with concern. For example, he has found that the changes affecting the criminal law system could trigger widespread issues that may last for years. These issues must be addressed, he believes, in a way that makes sense for the situation.

Changes That Concern James Hardy Attorney CT

The dangers of Covid-19 have already significantly impacted the justice system, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut states. For example, arrests have been substantially decreased because of the risks of keeping large numbers of prisoners in one area. Many precincts, James Hardy Attorney CT states, are doing “cite and release” more often than arresting because they cannot handle this demand properly. …

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James Hardy Attorney Connecticut

STAMFORD, CT, USA, June 29, 2020 / — James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has carefully watched the recent round of protests and, regardless of his political beliefs, is worried that many of these individuals are not prepared for the potential criminal cases. Here’s what they need to know, he says.

Types of Charges That May Occur, According to James Hardy Attorney Connecticut
Over the years, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has defended many different people in a variety of situations. …


James Hardy

James Hardy achieved a Juris Doctorate in 2010. He is an attorney that is very passionate about representing his clients. Integrity is most important to him.