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Is it also possible that, like Power 5 college football teams playing their “check cashing games” against Eastern Kentucky Teachers’ College or Anytown State, that Team USA has been playing to the level of their competition? It reminds me of watching Bolt in the qualifying rounds of the 100 meters — “I need to do enough to ensure I qualify, but I’m not going to expend maximum effort until a medal is on the line”.

We’re talking about some of the most competitive, and experienced, dudes in the league. These guys know that 1 loss, or a close game, in the preliminary round doesn’t impact anything. Now that every game is a Game 7, they’ll tap into that competitiveness and start dialing up the intensity.

While it’s true that a well executed offense by good athletes (I see you France and Serbia) will expose a lot of holes, the US team is just too deep and has too many offensive options. Those teams have to play perfectly as well as rely on 1 to 3 players for the majority of their offense. The US has shown it can generate the majority of its points from at least 5 different players, and has the defensive players to force bad passes, generate steals, and affect shots from anywhere on the floor.

I think the US will be just fine…I hope.

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