Hi sir I am a software developer too and need some advise from you although this comment is very…
Chaitra Dangat

Although I am a .NET developer as well, I focus on expanding my project management and leadership skills, as well as developing skills in AI/ML.

Rather than bore with all the details of my background, here is what I think:

Somewhat more generally:

  • Develop your leadership and management skills, if only to become better developer, even if you don’t aspire to higher rank, and having those skills will make one more hireable developer
  • Although the landscape might change, it is unlikely that you could not find a job with .NET skills in 5 to 6 years, but the most important thing is to keep in touch with the changes, developing as needed
  • Consider what would put you out of a job, say automation that builds the things you already do and do that. Stay ahead of the wave that is going to crush you, by becoming part of the wave itself.
  • Create an online presence via blogs, codeshares, NuGet and GitHub repo’s, contributions to other projects, and career sites. Make recruiters come to you.
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