An Open Letter To My Ex: I want you back.

Hey. It’s me.

I saw the pictures of you on Facebook with that new guy… The one with the beard. I have to be honest, I’m surprised you two went on a vacation together so soon after we ended things. But you look happy. You look great. You look like you’re having fun.

Is it because I shaved? Is that why you left? It can’t possibly be as simple as the fact that you’re just really into beards… can it? We were together for so long. I feel like I really knew who you were; and yet, I’m still trying to piece this together.

I know we both agreed from the start that nothing lasts forever; that we should just enjoy the time we had; that we should move on as quickly as possible once we realized it was over; that we should try to still be friends. But the truth is, I wasn’t ready for it to end. And I feel selfish saying this, but I’m not okay. I’m hurting and I miss you.

I miss you because you took care of me — affordably. I miss you because you made me feel safe — domestically. You were understanding, and you accepted all my friends, no matter who they were or where they were from, and you truly wanted the best for all of us. You made us laugh. And sure, we didn’t agree on everything, but you’re the one who taught me that successful, bipartisan relationships are about compromise. And at least when you made fun of CNN it was at that dinner when you were supposed to, AND your jokes were actually funny. I miss the arguments about whether or not you could go through my phone and read my texts and emails. I miss the way you knew how to wear a suit. I miss the way you’d sing Amazing Grace. I miss your best friend Joe even though he was always hanging around The House.

Look Barry… Barack… Mr. President. I took you for granted. We all did. We knew we had it good, but we didn’t know how great we had it. You believed in us, and it made it easy to believe in you. You spoiled us. They say if you truly love something, you should set it free — but now, more than ever, it feels like that freedom is slipping away just like you did. I know I should’ve listened more. I know I should’ve gotten off the couch and volunteered with you like you asked, and been more interested in the things you liked. All I want to know now is…

What will it take to get you back?

Do you want us to get more involved in the Democratic Party? Then we’ll sign up here.

Do you want us to donate to groups who are fighting for our civil liberties, like the ACLU or Planned Parenthood? They can have our money.

I‘ve tried to forget what you told us during the breakup, but I remember you saying you wished we’d run for public office at the town and state level… Is that what it’ll take to get you to text us back now? Fine. Then we’ll sign up with groups like Run For Something, who are working hard to build a progressive bench of candidates across the country.

We’re showing up. We’re diving in. We’re staying at it. But we need you. Please come back soon.

Also… Have you been working out? Srsly B, your arms look GREAT in those beach pics.

Anyways, enjoy the mixtape. We’re still not over you. We want you back.