How To Inspect A Storage Container Before Leasing One

Whether you are going to buy a used container, inspecting the condition is of paramount importance. Inspection is an inevitable part of buying a new container as well. In the same way, when you consider hiring storage containers in NZ, it is also helpful to physically inspect the container before signing the leasing contract.

Here are a few essential things you need to consider while inspecting a storage container for lease.


Presence of rust is a common matter in storage containers. However, when you are going to consider shipping container leasing, it is necessary to check the severity of rust as severe rust can eat away the steel and create holes in the container.


If there are many holes in the container, you should avoid hiring the container and look for another one. Of course, you can repair some holes, but if the container has large holes, it is difficult to fix them. A good way to examine if there are many holes is to walk into the container during daytime and close the door. Then you can look for the holes where light gets through.


For shipping container leasing, it is also essential to search for the presence of dents. If the dents are deep, they can hold water and potentially lead to rust and leakage. Hence, it is important to check the container from all sides, including its top.


Before shipping cargo, shipping containers are often chemically treated to confirm that they are waterproof and wind-tight. Now, before hiring the container, it is better to find out what chemicals have been used and whether any spills are remaining in the container. This step is more recommended when you are planning to use the container as a pop-up store, office space or regularly access it. By inspecting the container, you can eliminate the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. With proper treatments, chemical residues can be removed.

The gradation

Each ISO container must contain a grade, which is decided by its condition, age and miles traveled. While hiring the container, you need to ask the suppliers about this information. The gradation is more important when the container is refurbished and repaired, as it helps to know the history and age of the container.

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