Coroplast signage

Coroplast may be the most versatile material for your signage, and its low cost makes it a go-to option

James Martensen
Mar 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Coroplast is rigid and light, making it a good option for both indoor and outdoor display. It is a popular choice due to its versatility and low cost.

The ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘Fumi’s’ signs are 2′ x 3′ and will be hung inside the front windows of a hair salon and inside the pictured black metal a-frame stand on the sidewalk out front of the store, respectively.

Sponsor and golf competition coroplast signage

The rest of the signs were made as part of a set for a golf tournament. The long thin signs with sponsor logos were applied to the side of beer carts and were 10″ x 36″. The ‘closest to the’ signs were 8″ x 30″ and placed in the ground with metal step stakes at their assigned holes.

The last sign is one of 18 that were placed across the 18 holes, each one showing a different sponsor logo on the ball. The ball and the golfer were two pieces of vector clip art that we had on file. The signs were 24″ x 18″ and were also placed in the ground using metal step stakes.

Golf tournament sponsor coroplast signage

The step stakes are H-shaped metal rods that are inserted one end into the bottom of the flutes in the coroplast and the other end into the ground, keeping the sign elevated above the ground.

I will be adding these collections of signs to my portfolio page as I post them.

— James

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