Perforated vinyl

Perforated vinyl is a practical way to cover your windows without blocking sunlight and is great for building and vehicle windows

James Martensen
Mar 8, 2017 · 2 min read

Perforated vinyl is awesome for full window graphics on almost any store or vehicle window. The holes in the vinyl are big enough to let light through and provide visibility from the backside of the print, while being small enough to avoid interfering with the artwork on the frontside.

The prints shown here are all simple logo-with-text designs, but perforated vinyl is great for more complex and detailed artwork, too. Take a look at the next vehicle you see on the road with graphics on its windows and the chances are pretty good that it was printed on perforated vinyl. Public transit buses are a perfect example, as they are a popular place to advertise with large partial or full graphic wraps.

The Apex and ClickLock graphics were applied to the rear windows of these company cars, and both customers went with a black background, white text, and their logo. The purpose is to convey a brief and direct introduction of their brand, and the rear window is the best vehicle window to deliver that message.

The dental centre went a similar route with a text-based print, using a blue background to match their colours. Because this print went on their front door, they included a couple common pieces of information seen on storefront windows. This information is now in a spot that is virtually unavoidable for any potential visitor, and it can answer some of those common questions that visitors may have before they even walk into the office.

Perforated vinyl is covered in a clear laminate before it is applied to keep dirt out of the holes, and the laminate helps protect the vinyl from wear and tear. It also helps keep the vinyl together if it ever needs to be removed, without laminate the vinyl will tear frequently when peeled and can easily take twice as long to remove, if not longer.

Remember to check out my other sign projects on my portfolio page, they are starting to accumulate.

Stay tuned because there’s more to come!

— James

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