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Graphics turn your existing vehicle into a mobile advertisement, paying for itself when you would be on the road anyway

James Martensen
Mar 23, 2017 · 3 min read

There are many options when it comes to vehicle signage, from small decals to full wraps. Some people cover every inch of their vehicle in artwork, sometimes tying everything into one intricate design made up of many parts and multiple types of printed and cut media. The sky is the limit with vehicle signage, and a quick internet search will yield an overwhelming number of examples that illustrate that.

I touched on perforated vinyl for windows in my last post, so in this post the focus is on the various simple and effective ways to use solid vinyl.

The first vehicle, the homiihome truck, was done with solid black cut vinyl. Logo on driver and passenger doors, contact info on both sides of the bed, and website on the tailgate. Simple, looks good, and does the trick.

Ontario Iron Works contour cut vehicle decals

The Ontario Iron Works vehicle was done with both solid cut vinyl and printed vinyl. Their iron I-beam graphic has a black-to-white gradient and had to be printed. It was then laminated for outdoor use, and contour cut to the shape of the I-beam. The lettering was solid cut vinyl in three pieces, a solid blue cut each for the top and bottom, and reverse cut black for the middle.

Romantic Fireplaces’ cut vinyl vehicle decals

Romantic Fireplaces chose solid white cut vinyl for the rear window and both side-rear windows, going with the their logo-website combo. The important thing to remember when going with cut vinyl on vehicle windows is how those windows are used. In this case, use of the wiper blade on the rear window as well as repeated winding up and down of the side windows could damage the vinyl over time. Something to be mindful of when planning your artwork.

ZGemi multi-layer cut vinyl vehicle decals

The last vehicle, ZGemi, is the most intricate. Their logo and tagline involved three solid colour cut vinyl pieces that were joined with alignment marks, something I touched on in my post about alupanel signs. The strip at the bottom was reverse cut out of solid red vinyl that was bled off the edge of the trunk door and then trimmed along the contour.

All in all, vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your business. The options are endless, but as you see here something simple is all it takes to reach an audience.

— James

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