Conscious Language Constructs

*** Beginning Rungs of the Ladder

Dear Indigo,

Stop saying “Have to” and start saying “Get to.” — You don’t “Have to” do anything in life.

Instead of saying “But,” say “And.” — “But” is like an eraser: it negates everything you said before it.

Consider your use of words like “Unbelievable, insane, crazy.” — While seemingly innocent, these words imply what you’re experiencing is unusual for you. Re-frame to: “This is how my life now is.”

When you receive a compliment or are acknowledged by somebody, don’t deflect it. Instead, say: “Thank you, I fully receive that.” — If you feel unworthy to receive a simple compliment, what does that say about your worth to receive other gifts of life?

When you find yourself saying “sorry” after you speak up, it’s time to investigate.

Feeling fear to interrupt or the necessity to say “sorry” after speaking up implies a conscious/subconscious belief of: “I don’t trust that what I contributed was in good time or valuable.” — Take some time to look within and investigate why you consciously or subconsciously believe this.

When you begin to see yourself as somebody of worth, it’s much easier for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Other Tidbits

  • Allow life to happen and step out of the way!
  • Take action after you receive intuitive thought
  • The Universe sends you only what you can handle
  • Any part of you you don’t love will be your thorn
  • The world isn’t messed up; it’s how you respond to it. Respond with anger and you perpetuate what you dislike; respond with love and you can change the world.
  • If you act from a place of “life is bad” you won’t get great results
  • Mastery takes patience
  • Confusion means you’re learning/processing (clarity means you’ve finished digesting. Confusion-Clarity is a never ending cycle. Enjoy it!)

Until next time.

Your friend,
James Melouney