R. Kelly and the Court Of Public Opinion: Rule Of The Mob

R. Kelly is the latest public figure to be tried in the court of public opinion. This is a worrisome trend, where polls matter more than facts, and what people “feel” about something is more important than facts and the verdicts of courts.

“The courts haven’t been able to do anything,” Odeleye told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It really kind of came to me. If we are going to shut this man down, we’re going to have to take things into our own hands.”

Other current public figures have had these same tactics used against them. Accuse, defame, smear, declare “controversial.” Repeat until people start associating the unproven accusations with the person. This is not how justice works. Justice seeks truth, and truth is arrived at from examination and uncovering of facts.

Lies repeated are still just lies. Do not let your feelings be manipulated by this method of repetition. A person cannot outrun any guilt that exists within them. R. Kelly clearly knows this, as he wrote the line: “Cause what was in the dark, will come to light eventually.”

Remember when everyone was all down on Micheal Jackson until he died, and then they acted like they had been with him the whole time?

Enjoy the music.

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