Trumps NATO “shove” and Why the Media Is Full of Shit

Typically, I try to be more nuanced, but over and over again we’re seeing stories that are simply partisan, this one being a big one.

Trump met with NATO allies, and seems to have shoved past the Montenegro Prime Minister to get into the front. We see outrage from everyone on both sides of the Atlantic, from BBC to WaPo, CNN, and everyone in between.

My facebook is filled with memes from the likes of Occupy Democrats, and The Other 98%, complaining about this injustice and disrespect, and it’s not diplomatic at all.

We can argue whether it’s right or diplomatic, but for these same people to be upset is a lie, a facade, whatever you want to attach to show deception and contempt.

Why do I come to this conclusion? Because we saw nothing of the same coverage, or really any coverage besides from a few outlets, about EU President, Jean Claude Juncker called Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, a dictator and a slap on the back of the head.

If we’re going to call Trumps shove a shove, I can call the slap a slap, even if it wasn’t hard, as wasn’t Trumps. But here’s another thing. Besides for no one talking about this incident, and it can be found on youtube, is that it was called a “love tap” by the economist.

If this doesn’t show the utter disdain that the political and media class have for those that aren’t like them, then nothing will. The media are trying to craft people to think like them, and it’s very obvious from how they have been acting in recent years. The internet has done something, and it has given us, regular people, the capability to see many sources, that aren’t filtered through these other people, so we see what they want us to see, and get their interpretation.