What You Think Matters Doesn’t — Meet Social Media’s Better KPIs ft. Notion Data (@UseNotion)
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré couldn’t agree more with the assessment of measuring Social Media. One area we’ve been exploring is the Amplification measurement. In particular we are working a new start up out of Berlin called ShareIQ that gives us the ability to measure 2nd, 3rd degree shares on images. Think of it as tracking the “sharing tree” of a particular piece of content. Leaving the client name out, we measured a campaign run with influencers and what we found out was astonishing. The big influencers hired did get a lot of Applause on their own accounts, but very little if any Amplification. Other, more organic followers proved to have a much larger sharing tree, think of it as the long tail for original content. Applying these measurements to Influencer Marketing would be revealing.

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