Brexit: say no to hate, yes to compassion and reconciliation.

I have to say as someone who voted to remain, the outcome wasn’t great. However, David Cameron offered the people a referendum at the last election to ward off UKIP, the Tories won a majority, we held the vote and a majority of the public have spoken. And it backfired on Cameron, because he never thought it would come to this. He probably believed he wouldn’t win a majority in 2015 maintaining the coalition, but when he did win the election he thought he could scare people shitless out of voting to leave. And so he advocated a campaign based on fear not hope, as did the leave side.

Therefore, I think we shouldn’t pigeon hole all those who voted to leave as racists, bigots, uneducated, or any other derogatory term; even though it’s likely the case with some people. I know many people who voted to leave that simply don’t fit these stereotypes. They are loving, hardworking people. If you take some time to sit down and listen to most of their reasons, as I have, you’ll likely hear explicitly or implicitly their feelings of disenfranchisement. It was a chance to kick the establishment up the arse. The belief that successive governments have perceived them as core voters or living in safe seats and hence not worth listening to because they’re already seen to be in the bag, so to speak. But for years they have been crying out for help, without acknowledgement and in fear of being branded in a negative way.

I think, instead of pointing fingers at people for voting leave, branding them with a stereotype; we should respect the outcome, it was democratic. Be proud of that, and of some people’s rare participation. For if we don’t, all we’re doing with insults is perpetuating the divide and further alienating people, pushing them into the hands of UKIP and it’s like, or turning them completely off of participating in our democratic process.

I feel it’s important to remember, mainstream political parties have been playing games with people’s lives for years. Cameron played his last political game by succumbing to pressure from UKIP and the right of his party; instead of getting on with the job of running our country. He lost. These games allowed Blair to take us to war on a lie, and Cameron to implement severe austerity on working people, leading to great devastation and suffering.

We must strive to end our divisions and find a way to unite; anger and hate will not help us overcome, but compassion, truth and reconciliation can.