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There’s barely a person in the world whose life has been untouched by the CoVid19, otherwise known as Coronavirus. Aside from the thousands already diagnosed and those carrying the virus who are undiagnosed, all of our day to day lives are being impacted.

Like everyone, I’m concerned at those who…

In western society, when we speak of the word grief, what we often mean, is the loss of a loved one or family member.

Indeed, my own most direct experience of grief was the lost of a parent nearly two decades ago. My mother died very suddenly of a severe…

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“I did not ask for success, I asked for wonder” — Abraham Joshua Heschel

I’ve noticed over the years that one of the topics which seems to come up a lot in conversations at bars, dinners, or hangouts, is success. …

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In January 2018 I chose ‘freedom’ for my one word for the year. It was, like all my one words, both a declaration of intent, and a statement about who I was becoming. And as ever, it took on new meaning over the year.

It began as an attempt to…

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April 1st 1985.

It was the first Monday of Holy Week. Little was I to know it would become the moment my life descended into hell.

I still remember. I remember the lights of the ambulance lighting up my bedroom window. I remember creeping downstairs in a hallway lit up…

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Normal. It’s a word we use with great regularity. Often about people. And even more often, talking about ourselves, our circumstances or people we know in comparison to others. Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

“Why couldn’t I have a ‘normal’ upbringing?”

“Why can’t you eat like a ‘normal’…

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Do you ever doubt your ability to write? Do you ever have days where you think you’re just not good enough, and you should stop writing so as to save the world from your awful writing.

Me too.

I’ve written 5 books, posted on Huffington Post, and am a top…

You know how we often look back 10–15 years and wonder how we were the person we were back then? How we believed what we did? How we acted the way we did? How could we have ever seen the world that way? And it seems like an absolute age…

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A new year is here. A chance for new beginnings. A chance for all of us to start again, and get moving on those projects or goals we’ve always wanted to achieve.

Have you as a writer always promised yourself you’ll get into a good writing habit but never got…

If I told you the story of some parts of my 2017, you’d think it was awesome. Launching my first book, writing for Huffington Post, becoming a top writer on Medium.

But if I told you a lot of other things, which are still tough to talk about, you’d think…

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