A more focused 2018

Over the Christmas holidays I took a social media break. Aside from the odd interaction on my personal Instagram, I basically blocked it out completely. This is something I’ve done before, particularly this time of year, to give myself a chance to recharge and focus on family, friends and other interests. I remembered how refreshing it is to not be glued to my phone 24/7 and to be more present. It was a nice change of pace.

There are of course many upsides to social media. As a podcaster, it’s a valuable tool — both for communication and community — and I don’t know where my podcast would be without it. But it can also be a huge time sink. Too often I find myself endlessly scrolling through my feed, for no real reason, not actually doing anything. For productivity sake (and my own mental health), I need to treat it more like a tool and less like a constant feed of information into my brain.

Like many things, balance is important. So in 2018, I’ll be scaling things back a little. I’ll be tweeting less and turning off notifications in order to focus more on creating, learning and reading. When I do check social media, it will be during set times of my choosing, not just because someone replied to me at 10:30pm.

I may be slower getting back to you but I will always reply. And I’m available directly through email — james [at] jamesparkinson.net

Here’s to a productive 2018.

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