What I’ve learned producing a documentary podcast about soccer.

Twelve months ago I introduced a new podcast for 3nil called By Association, in anticipation of its launch in January. One year and eleven episodes later and here we are again. It’s been a rewarding process.

The intention behind By Association was never to take over your football podcast diet but rather to provide some balance. There are hundreds of podcasts that cover the world game and its never ending news cycle. Shows that give football fans a place to feast on the discussions of the week, whether to revel in their teams performances or lament the latest losing streak.

By Association though offers something different. Short, digestible documentary stories that are always relevant and celebrate everything we love about the beautiful game. It’s a show made for all soccer fans. A show that aims to compliment your football cravings, not saturate them.

Doing something different can sometimes be a gamble but I can honestly say the podcast has been a success. The feedback from listeners is nothing but positive and while my audience is still relatively small, more people are discovering the show every day. It turns out there really is a hunger for smart, carefully produced audio content focused on the football world.

In this first year I’ve covered a wide variety of stories which was one of my initial goals for the podcast. From the story behind the Champions League anthem, to the life and career of Patrick O’Connell and the history and culture of foosball. This initial batch of episodes demonstrates the scope I’m aiming for and sets the tone moving forward.

Building a show from scratch is never easy but I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve produced so far. If you go back and listen to Episode 01, then compare it with Episode 11, I think you’ll notice the differences. The hours and hours I’ve put into making the podcast has certainly been worth it.

So, where to next? With a body of work under my belt it’s time to build on the skills I’ve developed and continue to challenge myself. Seeking out interesting and captivating football stories takes priority but growing the show and bringing it to more and more fans around the world is high on my list too. 2017 is going to be fun. ♥⚽

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