Thomas Pynchon Publishes New Novel

For more than 20 years, Dr. James Taterka has practiced as a physician at Hillmont GI PC and as a medical director at the Springfield Ambulatory Surgical Center, both located in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Away from his practice, Dr. James Taterka enjoys challenging and thought-provoking books by authors such as Thomas Pynchon.

Of all the award-winning novelists of our day, perhaps none have remained as elusive of the media as has Thomas Pynchon. Though he has published several groundbreaking novels, such as Gravity’s Rainbow, that have become cultural touchstones, the author has famously shied away from presenting himself in public through interviews or appearances.

Pynchon released Bleeding Edge, his latest novel, in 2013. While exploring the development and effects of the Internet on society, he provides a wealth of comic insight while maintaining the technical yet rewarding rhetoric characteristic of his writing. Pynchon now has eight novels in publication as well as a collection of short stories, titled Slow Learner.

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