The journey of entrepreneurship.

Most people start companies in order to gain freedom, both financially, and personally. And lets face it, to be the boss. Some start businesses out of pure desperation (me), and some have them handed down, bought etc.

The “end game” for most entrepreneurs is to be successful, in everything that they do. The pure breed entrepreneur is competitive, they want to win, no matter what.

The entire journey of an entrepreneur is somewhat of a 2nd life. Your first life (pre business), was just that, a life. Your new life as an entrepreneur and business person, involves similar steps. In the beginning, your a baby, needing all your resources handed to you. As you grow up and some of those resources are now obtainable, things change. Your more powerful, stronger, faster, and knowledgable in your craft.

As “life” goes on, each person has a different path, some reach the pinnacle of their success early on, and just coast through their entreprenuerial journey. Others grind out 10, 20 years of hard work and build a substantial size business.

I truly believe, that it’s all a formula. Trends, the market, society, everything. And as a millennial, boy did we get lucky with the timing. There has never been a better opportunity to be a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, or investor, once youve built a successful company. Look at the resources around you. When is the last time you had this much access to thought leaders in the market.

This much data on the internet.

This much information in 1 click.

The Beauty

Now you’ve been in business for 6 or 7 years, and the pool of resources around you is plentiful, you’ve penetrated the market so much that your a thought leader in your field. The world is yours now….

This is where you get the Warren Buffets’.

The Gary Vaynerchuk’s’

The Steve Jobs’

At a moment in time when most people think they've “made it”, the elite few entrepreneurs now enter a hyper phase of their career.

They have money, power, and resources.

Any idea, any company, any product. If they touch it, it turns to gold.


These kinds of entrepreneurs are just plain obsessed with the process, it becomes a drug, they are addicted to the game. Gary Vee said “I dont like winning, I love the climb, that’s my drug”. To most people it sounds like borderline insanity. But to the few that understand, they too are addicts.

The game is being able to take an idea, concept, or product, and turn it into a full blown empire. And now that these individuals have the resources and capital, the opportunities are endless.

To be able to watch someone like Gary Vee, grow an 800 person client services business, that does 100 million a year in revenue, in 5 years, in a space where he had never played... It’s something us millennials should be thankful for. To top it off, he grew up as a poor immigrant, which makes his journey that much more noble.

The biggest step to building a portfolio of businesses

Build a team to run your business without you.

This is where the old school and new school mentalities differ. Most of your baby boomer and Gen Y entrepreneurs are very controlling owners, they want to know everything, and be there for every step of the way. Again, all depends on your “life goals”. In order to get to serial entrepreneur status, your going to have to build a serious team to run your companies.

Once the team is in place, you can now start laying the foundation. I currently have 2 new companies mid startup. 1st is a business solutions firm where I help service companies maximize their operations efficiency, and assist them with all things growth. The other is a software company that these companies (along with my first) will run on, in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and communication.

Now I face my next challenge. How to truly brand yourself and become the thought leader people can depend on. I will let you know how it goes!