Fact-Checking Brexit: The Conclusion
Hugh Hancock

Which ever way this goes, and I would put my money on remain, it will be a close run thing. The government really needs to take this whole process as a wake up call! A lot of people will vote to leave not because of anything that Farage or anyone in the leave campaign has said but purely because they are unhappy and want change. The perception in this country is that the rich are busy getting richer and at the expense of everybody else. We need a fundamental change of direction, something radical that really rocks the boat, and if it that lets in a little water then so be it. Last night during a televised debate I watched a politician speaking for the remain campaign tell the audience she had ‘seen the real world’. Well if she really opened her eyes she would see that the real world for the majority of people in this country isn’t big bonuses and money pouring into London, but its people struggling to pay bills and feed families whilst flogging themselves on zero hour contracts. Remain have made a big deal about the economic reaction to leaving but have fundamentally missed the point of what the people are trying to tell their government. We don’t necessarily want a bigger economy but we damned well want a fairer one.

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