Leadership and Why I Love It

What does it mean to be a leader? I’ve always found that this question has a different answer from everyone. Some say it means being just the person in charge and others say it’s being a guiding light for people to follow. For me it’s a mixture of both.

To really dive deep into what leadership means to me we have to go to the beginning of when I first dabbled in the subject.

Back in 2004, yes 2004, I was in grade 8 and doing what I thought every other grade 8 boy was doing; playing sports. I was on the school basketball and track and field teams when my basketball coach told me about this leadership field trip and how I should attend. Saying things like it will better my future.

Honestly I didn’t think anything of it but brought the paperwork home and got my parents to sign everything. Once that was all submitted it was off to Ottawa I went.

In Ottawa we had a few days of going around the city, listening to speakers, and visiting places like the Canadian War Museum.

Probably wondering how all of this falls together well it all came together for me at the Canadian War Museum. Seeing the different exhibits and listening to the curators talk about each one made me really fall in love with leadership and how it plays factors in real world situations.

All these people who did these extraordinary things, for example the Battle of Vimy Ridge, were average people with an above average talent to lead people to accomplish a common goal. Of course this is a military example of leadership but it is a pillar of leadership as a whole.

After taking this leadership trip I came back home as this youthful soul waiting for my moment to step into a roll where I could lead and mold the next generation. That’s what I wanted to to, be a leader.

Fast forward eight years and I had my first opportunity. As a brand new PLQ, Primary Leadership Qualification, qualified Master Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces my job was teaching Basic training to the up and coming generation of soldiers. Molding them, turning them from your average person to a well oiled machine.

I took everything I had learned about leadership to that point and applied it to my lessons. Little did I know that this was yet another stepping stone for me when it came to becoming the leader I am today.

Fast forward to now and I’ve come a long way throughout my career. Teaching courses, planning training, and even being responsible for large project success. All in all though nothing has changed. My passion for leadership is always burning and I’m always looking for the next big thing I can sink my teeth into.

Leadership to me is not just being in charge of a group of people, it’s a lifestyle. When you eat, sleep, and breathe leadership your outlook on life is far different then those who don’t. Take the leap and seek opportunities that test your abilities as a leader, it’s the only way to grow the skill.



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