More Revisionist History and the Difficulty of Maintaining an Accurate Narrative

Several weeks ago you might have had the opportunity to read my piece regarding my feelings on the Confederate Battle Flag which suddenly gained the ire of social justice warriors wishing to cleanse the public eye of anything they find offense at that moment. As it turns out, and this should be of no real surprise to anyone, opportunistic leftists have set their sights on yet another flag: The National League of Family’s POW/MIA flag.

According to Newsweek commie-sympathizing piece of shit journalist Rick Perlstein, the POW/MIA flag represents racism toward Vietnamese because it perpetuates “lies” about the presence of American POWs and MIAs while American and South Vietnamese forces treated their prisoners with equal cruelty. He goes on to blame Nixon and Reagan, in typical Democratic fashion, while playing lip-service to Lyndon “I’ll have those n****** voting Democrat for the next two-hundred years” Johnson who not only began American combat operations in Vietnam in 1965, but escalated troop presence throughout his presidency. Johnson somehow gets a pass on his incredibly racist beliefs because of the Civil Rights Act, a gesture summed up by his famous quote. This despite a hundred years of Democratic opposition to racial equality in America.

My dad outside the barracks. Phan Rang, Vietnam 1970/71

My father is a Vietnam veteran and so I take Perlstein’s assessment of the POW/MIA flag rather personally. My father volunteered to serve his country in an era when many were being drafted, and as we might already know, particularly young black men. The communist North had been trying to overtake the politics of that tiny nation for well over a decade when the French were still in control of the country. When they left, the Americans took over trying to help the democratic South fight the north who were being backed by the Soviet Union.

There were two distinct military elements to the Soviet-back forces. The NVA, or North Vietnamese Army who were primarily operating along the DMZ, and the guerrilla Viet-Cong who were basically everywhere, including Laos and Cambodia. Nixon gets a particularly bad wrap for increasing bombing in North Vietnam and Hanoi, as well as expanding combat operations into Laos and Cambodia.

I think if we are going to blame Nixon for Vietnam atrocities, we can probably take a page from the Obama playbook and blame Johnson for getting us involved in the first place. Douglas MacArthur actually told John F. Kennedy to not get involved in Vietnam, and the man listened. We all have our theories about Dallas, Texas — am I right?

A Viet-Cong shell fired from the mountains surrounding Phan Rang. The shrapnel apparently did not detach properly, but normally would have been enough to cut a man in half.

Do you know why I don’t give a shit about how we treated VC and NVA prisoners of war? The U.S. is required to abide by the Geneva Convention, the VC and NVA really couldn’t have given a shit less about things like that. I think John McCain could give us all some thoughts on that. Maybe that’s a bit of tit-for-tat, but if your enemy is going to play by a different set of rules they aren’t just going to change their methodology because you won’t stoop to their levels. These people were fanatics who thought nothing of setting booby-traps to lure in well-meaning American’s by their own good nature. These were people who sewed explosives into dog’s stomachs so they would explode when a soldier went to pet them or give them food. The VC murdered civilians who were too afraid to not support them, and American troops so weary and paranoid from constantly being on edge and not being able to tell friendly from enemy sometimes reacted irrationally when it came to patrolling villages. Yes these were war crimes, but it does not make Americans any more evil than the communist guerrillas they were fighting.

Is the POW/MIA flag racist? Well I think that if you’re the type of person who buys into that type of leftist Kool-Aid then you’re probably already too far gone to be persuaded otherwise. Perlstein believes that “We’ve come to our senses about that other banner of lies,” despite overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary about the beliefs and aims of the Confederate soldier. He’d like to believe that everyone in America has accepted the narrative that Progressives want (Remember that other Progressive idea that everyone bought into called Prohibition?). The thing about lies is that, regardless of their absurdity, if they are repeated enough people will start to believe them. Keep in mind that a huge majority of the media in the United States is run by Democratic leaning agencies. MSNBC and CNN have their heads so far up the DNC’s ass they can see the falafel that Barry Soetoro had for lunch. They repeat and spin lies so much that eventually everyone comes to believe them and when it’s repeated by multiple sources how could anyone not believe them?

Are there still POWs and MIAs in Vietnam? No, none that are there against their will. This does not mean that we don’t have our troops being held prisoner in other places that we are engaged militarily. There is an incredible hatred that progressives have for America and it is illustrated in the manner in which they view our military members. The irony here is that the right to say what they want about these men and woman is protected by the very people they spat on during Vietnam and shun in today’s society. They know that they can’t openly call veterans “baby-killers” anymore, but audit any social or political science class at your local college or university and you’re sure to hear the planting of poison in America’s youth by professors who can’t work anywhere but in academia. God knows their sense of reality is so warped that they can’t function in normal society.

We can’t allow sacred images and the meaning behind them to fall victim to opportunistic snakes who want to corrode our way of life. The POW/MIA symbol is offensive to progressives because of the roots it has in the Vietnam Conflict. Democrats have this weird fascination with communism, and that’s not to say they are Communists, but they flirt with it in ways that if taken too far can undermine everything that keeps our society unique from the rest of the world.

It’s also my Dad’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for your service!

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Originally published at on August 16, 2015.

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