You’re in New York City, now act like it!

I love the holidays. I especially love the holidays in New York City. Not sure when the love affair started, but I’ve always loved the big lights, rush, and the “bite” of NYC. My wife loved living there and now it’s kinda become a retreat for us. We got married here, honeymooned here, and I even have a tattoo of the city on my arm! (Ask me to see it sometime, it’s sweet).

New York City at Christmas is another world. Just flat out magical. If you haven’t experienced Christmas here get on a plane now. Macy’s, The Rockettes, The Rockefeller tree, the food, — nothing like it. I could do nothing but “eat” my way through this concrete jungle. There’s always new trendy restaurants and coffee joints opening up. This week we had some meetings and appointments here and decided to soak up the city also.

All the reasons I love the city became renewed. Even with kids it’s so wonderful. Also having lots of friends in town makes it even more memorable. New York is so unpredictable and is undefeated. You almost can’t get to anything on time, you’re gonna walk a lot and the weather doesn’t care if you walk. If you think I’m direct, don’t come here- everyone acts like that. I’ve basically screamed at so many people and love it because they understand! 😂😂😂😆

As I was driving (late) to a meeting yesterday, we passed a series of banners that read:

“Your in New York City, Act Like It!”

Wow. There was something I loved about that. Especially that is assuming most people are not acting like it. How do you act like your in NYC? Who knows really but I knew I wanted to act like it.

Last night as I pondered that banner again I really was struck with a thought. I saw a banner in a vision similar to the NY one but this said:

Your a Christian, act like it!

I wish I could put that in every Church lobby in America.

When you read the Bible it’s clear how a Christian acts. The first time we even see the term it’s used in the Book of Acts. It was a description given to a group of people who looked and acted like Jesus. (“They looked upon them and perceived they were “Christian’s.” Acts 11:26).

In the early Church, no one needed to be labeled a “Christian”. Your fruit and love of Jesus made you one. Today that name has been tarnished by a people with little to no fruit, who don’t really know Jesus.

Doctrine alone won’t get you to the place of loving and demonstrating Jesus. We must have a burning heart for God and a radical faith to risk everything for the Gospel. I believe that God’s power is reviving a remnant of people who will display the Glory and the Wonders of God.

When Jesus was on this earth anything that wasn’t like Him was written off and called a Pharisee or some other religious jargon. That wasn’t a compliment. It was a clear mockery of the real thing.

The problem is today we call those people Christians. 😳

We’ve lowered the bar and standard for what a Christian is. We’ve even added “backslidden” as a term. God hasn’t done either.

We must get back to what the followers of Jesus were — Christians.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a strong war general in France who lead with confidence and boldness. On one occasion he was dealing with a soldier who was very fearful and intimidated in battle. This soldiers name was also Napoleon. The war general was so frustrated in dealing with the soldier he finally said to him one day,

“Change your name or live up to it!”

The general knew his name was being tarnished.

You get it…it’s time to change your name or live up to it! CHRISTIAN.

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