9 Tips To Make Your Man Healthier (Without Him Knowing)

The secret to making your man healthier is not discussing diabetes or diet. It’s about subtle changes that improve his energy and mood, keeping him out of the doctor’s office all year.

1. Miracle Smoothies

Smoothies are the gateway to health. If you only make one change, make it this. Skipping breakfast makes people 400% more likely to be overweight, which means if your man leaves the house in a hurry get him to make one the night before.

Include almonds, cashews or plant-based protein in the recipe too. He’ll love the flavor and feel full for hours.

Smoothies have the ability to educate taste buds too. You can start with a small handful of spinach and drown it out with chocolate protein, weeks later he’ll be going detox crazy with kale, spinach and lemon recipes. After smoothies and cold-pressed juices I found myself eating the unthinkable. Salads.

2. “If you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food.” — Erick McAdams

Conversely, if you buy those Tim Tams we will eat them. Probably in one setting. Same with the cereal, bread and Pizza Shapes. We men eat whatever is in the house, starting with the most convenient (least nutritious) and working our way up. That being said, we will nor on a bag of carrots, particularly if there’s some left over hummus, before we venture outside the house.

Do most of your shopping on the outside of a supermarket and a lot less processed foods will find their way into you and your man’s body.

3. Protein Feind

You shouldn’t have any problems here. We think eating protein makes us a professional athlete fit for Men’s Health covers. Sadly, muscle development needs exercise and carbohydrates, but protein is amazing for satiation. The more clean sources of protein, the less chance your man will be raiding the office pantry or stopping through 7-Eleven. Small portions throughout the day will continue metabolism. Think chickpeas, black beans, grass fed beef, organic grilled chicken, nuts, seeds and plant protein smoothies. They all taste amazing, the key is being prepared.

4. Clean Up Dessert

If every day finishes with dessert then let’s not go cold turkey. The trick is making the switch. Instead of ice cream, let’s pick up some Loving Earth chocolate or a nice cream machine. Frozen banana with clean toppings is every bit as tasty as frozen yogurt, only it costs your body and bank account a lot less.

My go to is a chocolate vegan protein shake with almond milk. Sounds like something Crossfit Chris would be having but the truth is its absolutely delicious (with the right protein) and fills me up after dinner.

5. Ditch The Milk

Cow’s milk is biologically designed for another species. It leads to inflammation, congestion and contrary to government propaganda it actually depletes your calcium storage. Swap it out for almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, rice milk or any other plant-based alternative. Find whatever works in your household and stick with it.

6. Increase The Veggies

The secret here is about finding the two or three vegetables that your man already likes. Whether its broccoli, carrots, sweet potato or beetroots. Find a few winning veggies that he already enjoys and make sure they feature for dinner most nights. Compliment those with a few different coloured items, season with salt and pepper, and everyone’s a winner. Garlic and olive oil make anything taste better too. The goal for this entire campaign is to increase his vegetables from one or two servings per day to three, then four, then five…

7. Prepare To Win

The office is when he is most susceptible. There’s white bread catering, bad influence colleagues and a pantry full of biscuits and cereal. If we can pack a lunch we’re going to be much better off. Last night’s leftovers or a wholewheat wrap with black beans, avocado, spinach and hot sauce. I know a lot of our customers love to pair Cereal Killer granola with natural yogurt / coconut yogurt for delicious satisfaction that gets them through the day.

8. No Soft Drink or Fruit Juice

If your man is this far behind then this is when you crack the whip. Diet Coke Dave stops now. No soft drink. At all. And supermarket fruit juice can go too. I used to live off 3Litre apple juice at university because I ridiculously assumed it contributed to making me healthy. It’s completely devoid of nutrients and will only spike your blood sugar.

9. No More Whites

A provocative thought indeed but let’s leave out all the whites from your man’s diet. Pasta, rice, bread should all be limited and absolutely replaced with their darker, less processed brothers. This simple switch is confronting for the first meal or two but very quickly does the white stuff become a thing of the past.

So there we go. 9 tips.

The purpose of our strategy is to increase vegetables without upsetting his taste buds. Don’t make it confronting or restrictive, just add in more of the good and there will be less room for the bad. It’s pretty simple. Bonus points if you can make Rollie Balls together and show him that most of this stuff actually tastes a hell of a lot better than he assumes.

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