If You Want To Look Better Naked, Try This New Weight Loss Hack

We don’t like to discuss weight loss here because those two words are dirtier than an Amy Schumer set. ‘Weight loss’ makes me think of late night commercials, microwaved food programs and laxative teas.

We promote plant-based eating that is accessible, delicious and designed to help you live longer. With the side benefit that you’ll look better than ever.

However, our ears pricked up when we heard this weight loss hack. One recommended by doctors we respect. The trick is stupidly simple, yet, I bet you almost none of you do it. I didn’t.

Eat Within 12 Hours

That’s it. Eat all your food and non-water drinks within a 12 hour period.

If you have a smoothie at 7:30am like me then your last meal must be before 7:30pm.

This hack came to our attention through a Dr Rhonda Patrick podcast. She interviewed Dr Satchin Panda and discussed his time-restricted feeding study on rats.

I’ll summarise the findings below but here’s the full interview:

What Dr Panda Found

Dr Panda and his team at the Salk Institute investigated what impact the circadian clock has on health. He discovered that distinguishing night from day helps regulate our metabolism, diet, sleep and mood.

One big learning came from his time restricted feeding of rats. By feeding two groups of rats the exact same foods but having one group consume them within 12 hours each day, the time restricted group had 28% less body mass and 70% less fat. He tried different foods but the biggest impact was the time restrictiveness.

That’s a big difference. Just by eating food in a shorter period each day, one group had 70% less body fat!

You can get even better results if you achieve 9–10 hour eating windows too.

More Evidence

Dr Patrick has discussed time restricted feeding before with a guest before and the results were consistently powerful.

In her chat with Dr Ruth Patterson they discussed how an 11 hour time restricted feeding window can reduce breast cancer mortality by 20% and breast cancer reoccurrence by 40%.

How To Start

It can be as simple as looking at the clock when you open your mouth for the first time each morning. Then set an alarm for a few minutes before the PM equivalent.

Or if you have more discipline than me then just create a consistent routine. Your green smoothie is 7am which means you’ll sit down for dinner at no later than 6:30pm.

And if you need more help or accountability then download Kevin Kelly’s free app, Zero — Fasting Tracker. It even shows Dr Panda’s research!


You have to give time restricted eating, or fasting, a go. Shoot for 12 hour windows but keep the diet clean. It should have a tangible impact on your weight, your inflammation and your biomarkers for disease.

Just remember that Dr Panda’s study includes any non-water beverage as on the clock. So you can’t buy extra time by having a cup of coffee, turmeric latte or bone broth and not including it in your 12 hour window.

I’m particularly excited about this commitment as I have a savage after-dinner-sweet-tooth so hopefully I can cut him off at the knees when 7 or 7:30 hits.

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