Why I Will Only Ever Use 2 Pronouns.

Listen, I want to start this off by stating one thing, I AM TOTALLY OK WITH THE LGBT COMMUNITY!!!! I have no problem with anyone's decision about how they live their life. Also, trigger warning: You will be offended by this article. Now…

Recently, there has been a bigger and bigger push (especially on college campuses) to add more and more gender neutral pronouns. For instance, instead of he or she, now some people of the transgender community instead prefer the pronouns of sie (Pronounced: Z) a gender neutral pronoun stemming from the German word for a gender neutral pronoun and ey (Pronounced: I) meaning in a state of flux between the male and female genders.

Now as I stated above, I have no problem with any member of the LGBT community. But when someone, ANYONE, tries to make me change my life and ways to accommodate their own lifestyle choice, that is where I draw the line. I am fine with you changing your gender but don’t DARE even try to get offended if I call you a he or she.

Now again, if you are a transgender man or woman, no matter what gender you were born with I will call you whatever gender you identify with. I already know those pronouns, I’m not learning anything new. But if you wanted me to learn 2 or 3 new words just to not offend you. No…just no.

That’s all really. Try not to…

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