I’m giving Medium Another Try

While no one seems to know what Medium even is — I’ve heard is called everything from the future of publications to a content farm — I find myself drawn to giving it another try. Here’s my basic reasoning:

140 Characters aren’t enough.

You know it and I know. 140 characters are enough when you’re having a conversation or sharing a link, but if you’re trying to express a deeper idea, the character limit of Twitter is a box few can use well.

That said, Twitter has been my largest and most effective social network. My biggest audience is there and medium feels like an extension of that audience (even though it’s largely an entirely different platform).

You Can’t Spam It

I know that there’s sponsored content, but if a company is going to take the time to write an entire post, I might give it a chance read. That’s alot different from what Twitter has become. The power to schedule posts via Hootsuite and Buffer has made Twitter a robot saloon. My bot tweeting promotional links to your bot, no conversation, no depth.

Perhaps someday some clever engineer will figure out how to make a spamming robot for Medium. Until then, I am comforted that whatever I find here is content someone cared enough about to write. That matters a lot to me, because without human connection, why spend any time on social media?

Medium Needs My Voice

I know how pretensious that sounds. What I mean is I don’t know how many other lighting designer-turned sales rep/sustainability advocate/blogger/productivity nerds medium has writing, but I don’t think it’s too many. The nature of this network makes me feel like my writing might get read and that I have a chance to find a broader audience.

Why are you on Medium? Do you use it regularly? Write a response! Connect!

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