My freshman year of college the original “Twin Towers” of the World Trade Center is what I saw when I got out of the subway. Today, it’s the “Freedom Tower” of 1 World Trade Center

This morning’s meeting is all the way downtown in the financial district. I like to say I “grew up” down here. In reality, I went to Pace University at the 5 or so years I spent in this neighborhood ultimately set me on the path I walk today.

Of course the neighborhood has evolved incredibly since the fall of 1999 when I arrived. Like all of the fringe neighborhoods of manhattan, this neighborhood has become, well a neighborhood. Residential towers have sprang up and loft and office space has been coverted.

But it large part it still feels the same, classic old buildings nestled between skyscrapers, shadowed streets where professionals, students and tourists hustle every which way. It’s got all of the energy of midtown, but with hundreds of quiet little corners to hide and reclaim your sanity.

I don’t have much reason to come down here day-to-day. But I love this neighborhood and it’s a big part of my journey.