How To Buy a Wooden Ladies Watch

Watches make a great purchase — whether for personal use or for gifting a loved one. Timepieces are ageless and age well as years go by. The charm that a wrist watch exudes is unparalleled by even pieces of precious jewellery owned by women. The ladies’ wrist watch is elegant and sophisticated in its appearance. But buying the right ladies watch can be tricky- especially when you are buying a present.

Here’s are a few sure fire tricks to ensure that you do not go wrong with the ladies’ wrist watch:
Evaluate the person for whom you intend to buy the gift. This means you have to take two aspects into consideration — (a) the personality of the female friend, (b) the size of the wrist/ hand.
Certain personalities wear certain types of watches. If your female friend is the casual bohemian person, a formal gem-studded watch would not do her justice. Similarly, if you have a serious and always too-into-her-work friend, gifting them a loose fitted and funky watch is probably something you should avoid.

This is why knowing about your female friend’s style and persona is important. Although there is one type of watch that will be suitable irrespective of your fiend’s personality — a versatile and exquisite wooden handcrafted watch. The latest ladies wooden watch is available online at exclusive rates.
These watches are masterfully crafted by experts. Feel close and connected to nature by wearing or gifting a genuine leather cum wooden wrist watch to your friend. Wooden watches for women are elegant, fashionable and formal at the same time.

The popular combination of a leather plus wooden watch can be availed in many shapes, sizes and colours. The size and the type of dial is to picked as suited to the woman’s wrist. If the wrist is narrow, better not to opt for a big watch. A medium sized ladylike watch would serve the purpose.

If your lady friend is fond of unique watches and has a collection of her own, add a special wooden piece to her priced collection. The quality of these wooden watches is excellent, as the trees and the wood are personally chosen by experts. These watches are versatile and durable to say the least. Wooden ladies’ wrist watches can very well become a family heirloom that can be passed on from one generation to the other for decades.

Materials such as teak, pui, bamboo and ebony are extensively used in creating different types of watches. A variety of collections are available for different age groups. If you are gifting a teenager, check out the teen collection with its stylish and unique cuts, markings and a plethora of colours. If you want to gift a watch to a working female, check out the exclusive formal wooden cum leather watch collection.

Wooden ladies’ watches have been so crafted as to be impervious to atmospheric changes, with perfect polishing and the right amount of shine.

Whether you are getting ready for a beach party, a formal event or a meeting, these watches will light up the day and are sure to be a talking point amongst your peers.

Chuck the ordinary presents and gift your loved ones exclusive and ornate wooden wrist watches crafted especially for them, and be the reason for their smile.

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