Things to avoid when looking for contractors in Dallas

When you are looking for electrical contractors to work on your electrical problem, there are things you want in a general contractors in Dallas, TX- and things you should avoid like the plague if you see them. You’ve probably been given instruction on things like how to find a contractor, and how to check his credentials, but not much more than that. However, if you are ready for a short look at some things to avoid in a hiring a contractor, then you have come to the right place. Please read on for some good information:

Don’t hire the first contractor you see — at least not until he proves he’s actually a contractor, and not just someone who’s masquerading as one. In simpler terms — avoid those “relatives of friends”, who “think” they can do a job when their knowledge of the subject consists of some tools and a dream — and nothing else.

Yes, “novice” electrical work situations always work out on TV comedy shows, but in real life, the wrong person fiddling with the wrong things at the wrong time, could easily turn costly — not to mention, deadly — for you and your family at some point.

Avoid those general contractors in Dallas, TX who except you to take a verbal estimate on a “lick and a promise” or a handshake — but yet refuse to put what they’ve promised you, into writing. Besides the fact that it’s always important to have a written and signed estimate for any repair work you have done.

For instance, besides being in the perfect position to deny he ever gave you a certain monetary figure for the estimate — the estimate price itself, can keep going up, at the whim of the contractor. And, if this happens while the work is being done, you will find yourself in an unenviable position, indeed.

Equally as important to remember, is that a verbal contract can blow up in your face if you ever have to go to court — whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. You might find out the hard way that the contractor you hired is a scoundrel — or even worse, has a phony contract all written up with your signature on it — agreeing to his prices.

Avoid those businesses where the contractor is known to drink on the job — and is also prone to taking 15 minute breaks every half hour. By refusing to hire a person with sloppy work habits, you will avoid facing an increase in billable hours caused by all those breaks in productivity, and you won’t have the worry about possibly being named in some expensive lawsuit filed against you, by a worker who was under the influence when he hurt himself at your home.

So, now you are aware that you must screen all electrical contractors — or any repair person, for that matter, very carefully to see how they “rate” as far as honesty, and work ethics are concerned — before you hire any of them. Don’t get stuck in a trap that you helped create, by not being aware of the little things beforehand.

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